The Rockets Selected NBA Kobe Bryant Shoes

noiembrie 20, 2010

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Rocket No. 4 Kobe Bryant Shoes is now the owner is Luis Scola, Luther Head and rocket seems never meant 4 points.Luther – Hyde – the rocket was never meant to sub-4 .2005 NBA Kobe Bryant Shoes, the Rockets selected Head after being selected No. 4 Kobe Bryant Shoes rockets, but Swift joined the Rockets in August 2005, Hyde was forced to let out so he just picked the Rockets to select a rocket 4 2.

Funny is that Hamilton wore this Cheap Nike Shoes Sale in his own name printed on the wrong playing almost a game. The staff is so careless, humorous.Richard – Hamilton – Cheap Nike Shoes Sale – the name actually wrong .2007-08 jersey in a game last season, "Mask Man" Hamilton’s name on the back of the Cheap Nike Shoes Sale actually printed more than a curious coincidence to "I" His name turned into "Hamiltion".

Anderson – Anderson Varejao – no magic number on the Air Force 1 .2004 Magic NBA Draft selected Anderson Varejao, but then the magic will be traded to the Cavaliers Anderson Varejao. Varejao did not even own magic jersey number was pack up and leave enough time to choose Air Force 1, and "dive King" Varejao Magic jersey goes without a name are abnormal Air Force 1 funny.

Steve – Steve Francis – abortion Knicks 8. As Gangster Knicks Marbury wearing Lebron Shoes, so it is the Magic traded to the Knicks Francis forced to abandon the previous number 3, and selection into the New York Knicks 8. But in the match, Francis was wearing a Knicks Lebron Shoes No. 1, which is tantamount to Francis aborted the Knicks Lebron Shoes No. 8.

Air Max Shoes

Raphael – Alstom – short-lived Magic Air Max Shoes. After the Rockets traded to the Magic, Magic Alstom hopes to wear jersey No. 1, but time is so short a time can not give him the magic hands with Air Max Shoes No. 1 . Therefore, in the February 21, 2009 Magic game against the Bobcats, Alstom temporarily put on the magic number 36 jersey. After the game, the Magic Air Max Shoes No. 36 was Alston abandoned.

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